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27% Vat included in the price, valid with withdrawal
prices are in HUF to convert money please visit:

Filmprocessing / roll scanning

black&white slide process

  • details: András Keve: +36 20 383 5643

            small scan:    3 Mpx   1000x1500, jpg          1.800,-
            big scan:        6 Mpx   2000x3000, tiff          2.400,-


Custom printing






warmtone FBpaper:  + 15 %

Art FB paper: + 20 %
selenium archiving:  + 20 %

coloring:                      + 75%


Lab renting

b&w and color labequipment renting, after previous arrangement

standard 50X60 / 70X100

  • enlargers: Durst CLS 4500, Durst M 800, DeVere 540, DeVere 570,

  • ILFOLAB 2150 RC

  • trays  upto 60x80 cm

  • color enlargers: Durst M 800, DeVere 540, DeVere 570.

  • renting fee:   3.000,- in the first two hour, further hours: 2.000,-

  • assistance: 3.900,-/h

  • renting fee includes the cost of chemicals (developer, fixír) usage of b&w and color machines , but paper isn't included


mural 70X100/130X200 - temporarily out of service

  • enlarger: Durst Laborator CLS 1000

  • renting fee: 50.000,-/day

  • the cost of chemicals isn't included

  • chemical needs 30 – 35 l vegyszer szükséges

  • assistance: 6.000,-/h

renting for longer time we calculate an individual price 


  • you can use your own photopaper 

  • you can also purchase photopaper here


Archive acid free envelops and boxes

Acidfree envelops for negativs

    9x12 cm síkfilm                                                  60 /db

    leica 25x29,7                                                     200 /db

    roll 21x29,7                                                       250 /db


Acidfree boxes for prints

    A4                                                                    4.200 /db

    A3                                                                    5.400 /db

    A3+                                                                  6.000 /db

    A2                                                                    9.000 / db



Preparation of file 
Color dimension 

  • Adobe RGB (1998)

  • sRGB (IEC6 1996-2.1)



  • 1:1 



  • A/4-ig  360 dpi 

  • bigger size min. 100 dpi

File format

  • RGB-tiff

  • RGB-jpg

  • Pdf

important information

  • keeping the pixels from the orogonal device, this way the printer's software does the interpolation

  • composite material (pdf): fonts, texts, objects to be converted into a curve

  • try to avoid dataloss when saving



Nikon professional scanning per frame (Leica max:  20 mpx)

Epson standard raw scanning per frame (leica max:  10 mpx/kocka)


Printing / photo


Printing / giclée 

giclée 1.  Tecco Baryt Glossy/Tecco Fine Art Rag

giclée 2. Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta/Museum Etching/ Ilford Smoth Cotton Rag/Textured Cotton Rag


Information about Epson Digigraphie certificate : +36 1 312 34 63


Computer working hour      

  • Standard         5.900,-

  • Creative           8.500,-



only for laboratory materials printed with us - individual price calculation for larger projects


Framing - call us for actual price!

standard handmade woodframes, in different colours, exc. silver+mat+board+glass


Frame for Canvas


to install canvas images


General information

  • vat is included in the price  

  • deadline:  usually 3 working day, making fibrebase custom print: 5 working day

  • express fee                       same day:  + 75%

                                                  next day:   +  30%              

  • price offer (invidual needs assessment, consultation, cost analysis 

  • our price offer includes material and working costs of making the necessary unique equipments for working

  • to reproduce digital prints in an analog way causes additional costs in some cases 

  • for orders exceeding 300 euros we ask for a deposit 30%

  • our price offer doesn't include unforeseen costs that occur during the work process. After approval, these costs will appear in the final amount

  • price valid with withdrawal

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